The Social Orphans have been friends and jamming together for over 30 years. During that span they have developed musical synergies that can be achieved only through time with an appreciation of each other's capabilities and limitations. This has inspired musical exploration and personal expression necessary to develop a truly unique style and sound that is fresh and exciting to the ear.

The fruits of their labor has culminated in the debut of their 5-song EP titled The Social Orphans. The EP reflects influences from iconic bands of the 80's such as The Talking Heads, The B-52's and The Cars, while delivering a cutting-edge, hard hitting, hipster rock that is genuinely unique to The Social Orphans.  The songs Saturday, Chocolate Milkshake and Let Me In express the anxiety, joy, relief and self-realization that occurs in relationships gone bad or never materialized.  Hard To Make a Living makes light of troubled economic times - past, present and future, while The Truth expresses feelings of skepticism and distrust towards elected officials and the social news media.

The 5-song EP was recorded at BlackCat Music Studios ( and mixed & mastered at Singing Serpent Studios. It is available for download at:

Debut 5-Song EP Release

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